COLLECTIONFall-Winter 2018

Bow Bloomer Newborn Girl 1-12 Months

Grey Bloomer Newborn Girl 1-12 Months

Little Kitten Newborn Girl 1-12 Months

Rose Petal Newborn Girl 1-12 Months

Nap time Newborn Boy 1-12 Months

Intarsia Look Newborn Boy 1-12 Months

Denim outfit Newborn Boy 1-12 Months

Daily Jumpsuit Newborn Boy 1-12 Months

Puffy Jacket Toddler Girl 6-36 Months

Wings to fly Toddler Girl 6-36 Months

Bonjour Paris Toddler Girl 6-36 Months

Flower Dressed Toddler Girl 6-36 Months

Parisian Chic Toddler Boy 6-36 Months

Parisian Walk Toddler boy 6-36 months

Hitting the Road Toddler Boy 6-36 months

Navy Chic! Toddler boy 6-36 Months

Sings of Winter Kids Girl 3-12 years

La-vie-en-rose Kids Girl 3-12 years

Liberty & Jean Kids Girl 3-12 years

Visit to the Museum Kids Girl 3-12 years

Paris My Love Kids Girl 3-12 years

Liberty’s Return Kids Girl 3-12 years

Walk in Paris Kids Boy 3-12 years

Road to the School Kids Boy 3-12 years


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